The Kent and Medway Decision tool is designed to help you structure your thoughts when weighing up the pros and cons of your birth decisions. The experts can give you the risks and benefits of alternatives, but only you can decide which factors are most important to you. There is no right answer except yours.

Everybody wants a positive birth and a safe choice for the baby, and rightly so, but this can look quite different. A positive birth could be about being at home for one woman, and about being in an obstetric unit with epidural ‘just in case’ for another. Safety for the baby could be choosing a birth centre to make caesarean section less likely, or it could be choosing an obstetric unit where continuous electronic monitoring is available. Choices depend on your personal circumstances and what matters to you. 

Birth choice decision tool - coming soon...



For another tool to help you choose where to give birth, you can try the Which? tool.